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Put your tax return in the hands of an expert: with HAZ Accountants, you get access to a professional senior accountant/tax agent for as little as $200. Our accountants have over 10 years income tax experience, and are trained to find maximum savings for you by claiming the maximum tax amount back. We pride ourselves on our high levels of quality service, and leave no stone unturned so that we can return you the maximum amount of money that you are legally entitled to. Not only are we good at what we do, but we’re quick: 80% of our individual returns are completed within 4 hours, with the remainder completed within a 12 hour window. We understand you want cash back in your pocket – fast.

Doing your individual tax return online with HAZ Accountants is easy: just fill out your basic details under the take action page and we will let you know whether we will need you to email any other documents or info for our services. (90% of the time All the info. are obtainable via our tax agent portal)


The following documents will assist you in preparing your details and claiming back the maximum for your return. If you are unsure about what you can and can’t claim, we are happy to help – just ask!


The tax return checklist


  • PAYG Payment Summaries/Group Certificates
  • Social security, pensions, allowance documents/statements
  • Bank statements pertaining to interest earned
  • Dividend income from shares
  • Foreign income
  • Details of purchase and sales of shares (if any shares were sold this financial year)
  • Income and expenses list of investment properties
  • Personal income and expenses list (if self employed)



  • Schedule of work related expenses
  • Prior year tax losses
  • Previous year’s accounting/lodgement fee
  • Donations to registered charities
  • Medical expenses over $2,120 (Annual statement of benefits & costs from Medicare and your private health insurance fund)
  • Superannuation contribution statement (if self employed)
  • Interest expenses/bank fees/loan establishment fees and depreciation reports (if you have an investment property
  • Annual tax statement from your private health insurance cover
  • Income protection insurance statement


HAZ Accountants makes income tax simple. So what are you waiting for? Take Action Now